Perpetual calendar

The calendar is an extremely important tool for any modern person. Our life is a "timetable" and all timetables are based on calendars. Timestimator provides you with a perpetual calendar offering handy navigation features. Timestimator can show you four, five, six or more months at once! All you need to do is enlarge the Timestimator's window.

perpetual calendar

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1 Use this button to move your perpetual calendar to the current date immediately.

2 Here you can enter the target date (from 1/1/1753 to 12/31/9999), to which you would like the calendar to move.

3 Click this button and move your calendar to the date entered into field 2.

4 You can enlarge the Timestimator's window and to see more than three months at the same time. In fact, Timestimator can display up to twelve months at a time.

Clicking on a day in the calendar window immediately places the chosen date into the "Date" field in the "Due Date" dialog window or into the "Date B" field in the "Duration" dialog window, depending on which dialog is open.