Timestimator is the due date and duration calculator, with the world time zones converter, a list of the world clocks and a perpetual calendar with convenient navigation abilities.

calculates due date, calculates duration, calculates time zones differencies

download date calculator
1.53 MB, v1.8 for Windows

1 The current date and day of week are shown here.

2 The current week number and day number (numbered up to 365) are displayed here.

3 The current time is given here.

4 You can use these tabs to select the desired calculation type. You can calculate duration, due date and the time in a remote time zone.

5 With the "Today" button, you can move your calendar to the current date immediately. Enter the date to which you would like to move your calendar into the date field and click the "Go" button. This feature can take you to any date between 1/1/1753 and 12/31/9999.

Timestimator works with dates ranging from 1/1/1753 through 12/31/9999.
Platforms supported: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista

Due date

This tool can calculate due date for any events you want. You just choose the desired start date and the desired duration, expressed in days, weeks, months or years. In addition, you can choose the calculation direction: forward or backward. Apart from that, you can exclude certain days of the week and holidays from calculations.

Duration calculator

It can calculate duration between two different dates, measured in days, weeks, months or years. Again, you can exclude certain days of week and holidays from Timestimator's calculations.

The world clocks

With the the world clocks dialog screen, you can easily make a list of clocks, which will show time in different places of the Earth. This feature is similar to calculation of time zones differences, but here you can see a lot of time zones simultaneously and you do not need to click any buttons to calculate the actual time.

World time zones converter

It calculates time shifts between two different time zones. You just choose your current location and the desired remote location to instantly get the remote time and the time shift between the two zones.

Perpetual calendar

This feature has convenient navigation abilities. Timestimator can show you four, five, six and more months at the same time! Simply stretch the window to make it longer and Timestimator will automatically fill the window with months. Set the desired date in the "go to" field and Timestimator will instantly jump to this date.