Duration calculator

What duration calculator is need for? How many days are there between 3/18/2006 and 12/6/2005? How many weeks between 4/30/2008 and 9/12/2001? Sometimes it is important to know how much days between two dates. How long will you need to stay in a hotel? Are you going to rent a car, apartment or warehouse? How much time did your last project really take? Duration calculator helps professionals who need to calculate days between two dates. With Timestimator, you can calculate duration between dates in days, weeks, months or years to figure out the duration for these calculations.

duration calculator

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1 Set the first date of your time period in the "Date A" field and the last date into the "Date B" field. You can use the "Today" button to set the current date to the active field instantly.

2 Choose the desired time unit. You can use days, weeks, months or years.

3 You can use these fields to set the cost of one unit. And you will see the resulting amount instantly. For example, you are going to rent a room in a hotel for 15 days. Put the cost of one day into these fields and you will immediately know the total price for 15 days.

4 Here you will see the results of Timesimator's calculations.

5 Check or uncheck these boxes to let Timestimator know if it should include the corresponding fields in its calculations.

6 Check this box to exclude holidays from the calculations. The list of holidays can be managed in the menu ("Preferences").

7 You can use these checkboxes to exclude specific days of the week from calculations (e.g. if you would like to count work days only).

Note 1:
You can use copy/paste to place the result of calculations into any application which supports this feature (e.g. email clients, word processors, etc.).

Note 2:
You do not need to press any additional buttons, such as "Calculate" "Go" or "OK", to start calculating: Timestimator does its job as soon as you change any parameter of your calculations. In other words, the result field always displays the right results.