Due date calculator

Important application for professionals who need to calculate due dates. What date will it be on this day in sixty days? Eleven weeks? Nine months? Five years? Did you remember to include your vacation days? Have you sent cargo trailers and would like to have an estimation of the arrival date? With Timestimator, you can use days, weeks, months or years to calculate these or any other due dates. You can also exclude certain week days and holidays from calculations and use reverse day calculation. You can calculate simple interest and compound interest as well. Logistics managers, travel agents, small hotel owners and many other professionals will find Timestimator an effective dates calculator.

day calculator which can exclude weekends and holidays from calculations and also can calculate simple interest and compound interest

download date calculator
1.53 MB, v1.8 for Windows

1 Set the start date of your calculation. You can also use the "Today" button to instantly set the current date in the field.

2 These fields let you add or subtract up to 999 days, weeks, months or years from the initial date. You can calculate reverse date or straight date.

3 This frame is where the results of calculations will be displayed.

4 These fields are used for calculating the amount of money accumulated after a certain period of time. You can set the initial amount you borrow or deposit (the principal), the rate of interest (percentage) for the chosen unit of time and, finally, the kind of calculations to be performed- simple interest or compound interest.

5 Check or uncheck this checkbox to let Timestimator know if it should include the initial date in its calculations.

6 Check this box to exclude holidays from the calculations. The list of holidays can be managed in the menu ("Preferences").

7 You can use these checkboxes and exclude the specific weekdays from calculations. This is useful if you only want to count work days, for example.

Note 1:
The result date is automatically placed into the "Go to" field of the virtual perpetual calendar, so you can instantly move the calendar to this date with one click of the "Go" button.

Note 2:
You can use copy/paste to place the calculation results into any application which supports this feature (e.g. email clients, word processors, etc).

Note 3:
You do not need to click any additional buttons like "Calculate" "Go" or "OK" to start the calculation. Timestimator does its job immediately after you change any parameter in your calculations. In other words, the result field will always show you the right results.